Databases created in Lithuania

Lituanistika Database (LDB)

This international research database contains bibliographic records, abstracts, and full-text documents. The database accumulates information on Lithuanian studies from across the world and focuses on the development and present state of the Lithuanian state, society, nation, and language. The bibliographic records in the database are for books and articles published since 2000, and for dissertations published since 1991. The subjects include philosophy, theology, art studies, linguistics, literary studies, history, ethnology, law, political studies, management, economics, sociology, psychology, education, communication and information studies. Searching can be performed in the following collections: Science (research publications), Dissemination (publications on research popularization) and E-resources (textual corpora, databases, search systems).

EPaveldas  (Virtual Culture Heritage)

Lithuanian memory institutions (libraries, museums, archives, as well as other institutions and organizations participating in cultural development and dissemination) accumulate and preserve valuable cultural heritage, which is of importance for Lithuania’s identity and cultural originality. Digitization and publicity efforts unveil valuable cultural objects to the public and make it possible to access them remotely.

The Lithuanian cultural heritage system provides access to particularly valuable old books, newspapers, artworks, manuscripts, church registers, audio records, and works of classic Lithuanian literature. Digitization of valuable cultural objects covers the following areas: documentary heritage (digitization of 16th-20th century Lithuanian-language books and Lituanica publications, and of manuscripts), museum objects (folk art and applied-art works, documents reflecting the history of Lithuanian theater and cinema), music pieces (collection of audio records), and works of classic Lithuanian literature.

Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa)

This national aggregated open access (OA) repository consists of six research and study e-document collections:

  • ETD: bachelor and master theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries, reviews of habilitation theses;
  • Journals: periodic or one-off scholarly and popular publications/journals (printed, released on CD, or published virtually);
  • Books: monographs, manuals, textbooks, and other research or educational publications, which are published, or may be published in book form;
  • Proceedings: presentations at research or methodology conferences, seminars, and other scholarly and educational events;
  • Working Papers: reports on research and development activities, and on projects;
  • Empirical Data: empirical data of research in humanities and social sciences.

Bibliographic Database of Translations of Latin and Greek Works into Lithuanian / Index operum Graecorum Latinorumque in Lituanicam linguam versorum

This is a bibliographic database of translations into Lithuanian, created in 2008-2009 by the Department of Classical Philology and the Digital Philology Centre at Vilnius University, and by the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. It contains information on full or partial translations, into Lithuanian, of works by authors from the Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and later times, encompassing the period from the early 18th century to 2020. The database contains references both to published and unpublished translations. This project was led by Dr. Mindaugas Strockis and funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.